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2/10/90 (Tuổi: 33)

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    2/10/90 (Tuổi: 33)
    As I said that you can earn money by engaging in Fiewin Games. To play these games you must add funds to fiewin's account. There are six games available that you can play on the fiewin app.

    Fiewin Game

    Fast Parity


    Andar Bahar





    So all the games above are prediction-based. You have to predict and then place your bet. If you are able to predict correctly, you can win money, otherwise you'll lose all your winnings. Therefore, you must be cautious when playing these games. Let's talk about the games briefly.

    1. Fast Parity
    Fast Parity is a prediction-based game. It is a color-based game. First, you have to submit the bid. There are three different colors available: Fast Parity red, green, and violet. You must pick one. There will be a total time of thirty seconds. 27 seconds to make predictions and 3 seconds for the result. If the color you predicted is realized, you win. If not, you will lose the bet.

    2. Minesweeper

    Minesweeper is a different game in Fiewin. To play this game, you must first select the betting option. You then have to choose boxes. There will be mines under the boxes. If you choose the one without a mine you can win. If not, you will lose. There are three variants in Minesweeper. These are 2x2 4 boxes 4x4 16 boxes eightx8 64-boxes.

    3. Andar Bahar
    If you play card games you know what Andar Bahar is. In Fiewin it is also similar. Firstly, as usual, select the betting option. A hole card will be displayed. Now choose from Andar or Bahar in 30 minutes. Then, the cards will be dealt. Then, if the hole card displays Andar of Bahar whichever first will win.

    4. Crash
    The crash is an intriguing and well-known game. To play the game, first select the bet. In the game of crash you will find a multiplier that will rise starting at 1.00x up. You can stop whenever you wish to increase your bet. But if you do not stop at the appropriate time , you may lose your money.

    5. Dice
    Dice is a different game played that is part of the Fiewin. To play dice , predict a number between 1 and 100. There will be a total of 1 minute to play the game. The game can be played in 45 seconds, the results will be revealed in just 15 minutes. If the prediction comes then you win or in the event that it doesn't, you lose.

    6. Hilo
    Hilo is another game played that is part of the Fiewin app. To play Hilo, first you must select the bet. Then , a hole card will be dealt. After that, the subsequent card could be higher or lower. If you predict correctly you will win.

    7. Circle
    The circle is a recently added game to the Fiewin application. Firstly, put your money down. There will be a total of 30 minutes to bet. Three different colors and three animals, a crown and 38 numbers within the game. Predict one of them. A circle is likely to spin, and if your prediction is correct you'll win.

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