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When do you need to reset to factory settings Windows 10?


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Thảo luận trong 'Thành Tích - Kinh Nghiệm SEO' bắt đầu bởi rishtran123, 13/6/21.

  1. rishtran123

    rishtran123 admin

    https://www.nhaxinhcenter.com - When do you need to reset to factory settings Windows 10?
    ou have all the ways to fix Windows 10 errors that you have thought of but still can’t find the error on your computer. If you have no more ideas on fixing this situation, reinstalling the Windows 10 operating system may be the answer.

    Another reason is the performance of your Windows 10 computer. If you find Windows 10 slower than when you first used it when you just installed it, it is most likely installed with too much junk software not needed in it, or drivers are faulty and some other reasons. Sometimes the fastest way to clean up this mess is to reset your Windows 10 computer.

    Before continuing, there are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Restoring your Windows 10 PC means that all system files will be deleted and the operating system will be restored to factory settings.
    • All existing applications on the Desktop will be removed from the PC, so you will need to install and reconfigure each application once the Windows 10 restore is complete.
    • You can keep your files and don’t lose them during the Windows 10 factory reset. We’re talking about files that are being kept in your user folder, including: Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos. Accordingly, documents stored on the system drive (usually C drive) will be lost, and files stored on drive partitions except C drive will be preserved.
    If you have agreed with the above notes, then start resetting Windows 10 operating system with five different methods. The first two methods will help you reset Windows 10 without data loss and restore Windows 10 factory settings using Settings. The third method will allow you to recover Windows 10 from your computer’s login screen (especially useful if you have trouble trying to log in to Windows 10 operating system). The last two methods will show you how to run the Windows 10 desktop program again using the Fresh Start option and using a USB or CD to reinstall the operating system.

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  2. rishtran123

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