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How washing machine works?

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Thảo luận trong 'Tuyển Dụng - Tuyển Sinh - Du Học' bắt đầu bởi irondoorsaloon, 14/10/21.

  1. irondoorsaloon

    irondoorsaloon admin

    (Tài trợ: https://kientrucnha.com.vn) - What is the function of the washing machine?

    Washing machines are used to clean clothes. They use water and often some cleaning agent or detergent to remove dirt, stains, and odors from clothing. Many types of washing machines can also wash other things such as linens or dish clothes.

    Many modern washing machines have a built in water heater so that the cold-water

    What are the advantages of a washing machine?

    Washing machines are fairly standard appliances, they do most of the basics most of the time. One advantage is that it saves water (and thus energy) because it uses less hot water than doing laundry by hand. It can also wash larger loads at once saving more water and time.

    What are the disadvantages of a washing machine?

    Although a washing machine does save you time and effort, if they break down and need to be serviced (such as for a worn out belt or broken agitator mechanism) they can be very difficult to repair yourself-generally there will be components under pressure making them dangerous to try and fix without proper knowledge or tools. In addition, some people find that new fabrics such as cotton release so much dye that they must be washed in cold water to avoid color loss.

    How washing machine works?

    Washing machines use an agitator (rotating arm with paddles) to 'agitate' the clothes and water-this prevents large, flat items such as sheets from getting stuck on the side of the drum and ensures all parts of the load get thoroughly wetted and cleaned. Some types also have the main wash cycle which uses powerful jets of water to give a deeper clean, while others only use the highest pressure washes for very soiled loads. Modern washing machines often have built-in sensors so they can determine if enough detergent has been used or whether it needs more time on one of the programs before deciding how much hot water to use.

    What is the history of washing machines?

    The first patent for a 'rotary apparatus' used to wash clothes was filed in 1790 by Henry Sidgier, an architect from London. In 1829 a French tailor named Jean Marie Beaulieu improved on that design with a hand-powered device that included a cylindrical barrel and a series of rotating arms. His device became known as a "mangle" which means to mangle or wring out but also the noise made when one squeezes something-thus his invention's nickname became the "washerwoman".

    In 1874 John E. Lombard patented the rotary washing machine as we know it today and founded Lombard Steam Log Hauler Company to market his invention. In the Northern US, these machines were in use until well into the early 20th century. They used large amounts of water and a great deal of physical labor-they could only be afforded by larger households that had at least one servant or slave to operate it.

    The first electric washing machine was invented in 1907 but it did not become really popular until the 1950s when smaller versions became available for homes that didn't have their own laundry facilities or many servants/slaves to do all the work.

    What are washing machines use?

    Washing machines can be used for laundry purposes such as removing dirt, stains, and odors from clothing. Washing machines may even wash other things such as linens or dish clothes.

    In addition, washing machines can be used to clean other items such as dishes, bathing suits, blankets and pillows.

    What is the size of the washing machine?

    Washing machines vary in size from very small appliances ideal for a couple's apartment or home to incredibly large industrial-sized models that are installed in commercial laundromats.

    Where can I wash my clothes using a washing machine?

    Most homes have at least one washing machine that allows people to easily do laundry within the comfort of their homes. Some apartment buildings will even have communal washers and dryers for residents to use. Other places where you can find washers and dryers include laundromats, college dorms, hospitals, retirement communities or fitness centers.

    What are the different function types in the washing machines?

    There are different types of functions available in modern washing machines including gentle wash, normal, heavy-duty, and quick wash.

    What are the benefits of using a washing machine?

    Washing machines are useful appliances that are used to clean clothing. These appliances use water to remove dirt, blood, oil and other liquids from fabrics. Washing machines can be found in homes, apartment building or business/commercial settings.

    Can I install my own washing machine?

    It is possible for an individual to purchase a washer and dryer combination for their home or apartment. However it will need to be hooked up by an expert plumber. If there is already plumbing available then the person may try doing it themselves but if they don't know much about plumbing this is not recommended.

    How much hot water should I use in the washing machine?

    The amount of hot water needed will vary depending on the type of clothing, size of the load and how dirty it is. An average washing cycle can range from cold to warm or even hot; however, it usually needs no hotter than 125°F (52°C). For heavily soiled clothes, hot water may be necessary but other fabrics such as delicates should only be washed with cool or cold water to avoid damage.


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  2. irondoorsaloon

    irondoorsaloon admin

    What is the function of the washing machine?
    Washing machines are used to clean clothes. They use water and often some cleaning agent or detergent to remove dirt, stains, and odors from clothing. Many types of washing machines can also wash other things such as linens or dish clothes.

    Many modern washing machines have a built in water heater so that the cold-water

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